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I am Glad to see you here  😉 This is Amol Suryawanshi and prem yedge to help you in ur life by Pharma related knowledge, and ideas with you on this blog (Pharmamad). I will try to make you comfortable with all the stuff. I am a lucky Navi Mumbaikar with BIG DREAMS (just like you),  just completed My Pharmacy in Diploma in 2016-17. In the journey from childhood to a young guy, until now I have experienced many things about Pharma Related Content. We are providing some Pharma related content in easy language so that you can easily understand and also learn new things from our site. We are helped you in Pharma Related Queries and all about drugs.

But actually, life is not just a Childhood, studies, college, degree, job and family. This blog is an try to help you out in some of the ur situations in life. Even I can help you personally if needed feel free to contact me. 🙂

What stuff you’ll get here?

Our website includes some of the most influential articles which will help you to Improve acknowledgement of medicines and also help to students for the Question Papers. If you have any query feel free to ask anything on or you can contact us on pharmamad8899@gmail.com
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