PHARMACEUTICS-2   CHAPTER– POSOLOGY The word posology is derived from the Greek words posos meaning how much and logos meaning science. So posology is a branch of medical science which deals with dose or quantity of drugs which can be administered to a patient to get the desired pharmacological actions.we clear POSOLOGY, FACTORS INFLUENCING DOSE,CALCULATION … Read more POSOLOGY, FACTORS INFLUENCING DOSE,CALCULATION OF DOSES


  STERILE DOSAGE FORM HELLO GUYZZ, here we are providing notes of sterile dosage form from pharmaceutics 2 these points will be easy to understand and remember all these notes are taken from books and some of the help of google, so let’s begin….. Parental preparation is a pharmaceutical product that is given by other … Read more STERILE DOSAGE FORM


cognosy chart

the most typical  subject is pharmacognosy and most of the questions are came from drugs/about drugs so to make easier we present you pharmacognosy drugs chart in easy form with uses and synonames. 1. LAXATIVE [table id=1 /] 2.CARDIOTONICS [table id=4 /] 3.CARMINATIVE AND GI REGULATORS [table id=5 /] 4. ASTRINGNENTS .[table id=6 /] 5.DRUG … Read more PHARMACOGNOSY DRUGS CHART

Pharmaceutics all chapters Defination

  Pharmaceutics all chapters Defination hello guyzz, here you will able to know and read pharmaceutics all chapters defination on your PC,MOBILE and TAB in easy way and easy to understand all the definations if you like it share with your friends and let them study online.   1)DRUG– the substance which is meant for … Read more Pharmaceutics all chapters Defination

pharmaceutics 1st difference between

Pharmaceutics 1st difference between hello surprise for you, now all difference between in pharmaceutics are available only on our pharmamad.com we are giving you pharmaceutics 1st difference between from all chapter in an easy way. Pharmaceutics-1 Chapter-Distillation Difference between distillation and evaporation   DISTILLATION EVAPORATION 1. Distillation is carried out when condensed vapour is required … Read more pharmaceutics 1st difference between


HELLO STUDENTS, DID YOU KNOW WHICH TYPES OF WATER USED FOR PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTISE– IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEN let’s FIND OUT WITH US. As per Indian pharmacopoeia, there are three types of water to be used in pharmaceutical practice. Purified water Water for injection Sterile water for injection so lets study these waters in deep … Read more TYPES OF WATER USED FOR PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTISE