Crazy Random Facts (part 2)

 Crazy Random Facts

 Crazy Random Facts

here we come again with the new crazy random facts around the world. here you get to know all new facts around the world. in this, you will get some new latest facts or news. so let’s start it.


 1)If you leave the earth at the age of 15, in a spaceship, and spend about 5 years in a space at the speed of light.

 Then you will be 20 years old at that time but all your friends on the earth will be 65 year old.

2)OBSESSION is a perfume used for men for attracting animals to cameras in the wilderness

so that they can take good pictures.

3)ALGORDANZA is a company that changes your family member’s ashes into diamond for you/your family.

4)Facebook newly discovered a new time unit, that is called has been invented by Facebook’s virtual reality team.

It’s slightly longer than a nanosecond being 1/705600000 of a second.

5)Transmitting electricity wirelessly yes it can happen, Japanese scientists are working on this technology.

They successfully transmitted 10kw of electricity about 500 meters.

6)earlier in 1917, Indians used charcoal and salt for cleaning teeth, then Colgate comes to INDIA  and said “these are not useful for health use our paste” Now, Colgate having both.

We are not done yet,

7)the Japanese scientist developed a glass that heals its self when it cracks. The self-healing polymers are created by researchers from the University of TOKYO, it was found by accident.

8) snail can sleep for about 3 years.

9) SOPHIA is a ROBOT who got citizenship in Dubai it’s for the first time were robots getting country citizenship. She is the first robot in DUBAI.

10)SONY got a patent for a big world-changing technology soon that is sony will launch smartphones that can exchange power for nearby devices(mobile) now we can share mobile battery like a hotspot.

11) no mosquitos are found in the only country that is ICELAND and FAROE .

12) Its good news for small businesses because WhatsApp launching “WHATS APP BUSINESS” for connecting users.

13)most expensive nail polish in the world is BLACK DIAMOND KING from AZURE. It cost up to $250 000 per bottle.

14)the expiry date on the water bottle is not for water, it’s for the bottle.

15)Fashion is the most polluting industry in the world after oil, in this very less than 1% of material is used to make cloth is recycled into new clothes.

16)Vivo is the first smartphone in the world with a display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018.

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