Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination Regulations

Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination Regulations

What is a diploma in pharmacy exit examination regulation, why it is to hold? all we need to know is here.

The Pharmacy Council of India, with the
approval of the Central Government hereby makes the following regulations,

  • These regulations may be called the “Diploma in Pharmacy Exit
    Examination Regulations, 2018”.
  • They shall come into force from the date of their publication in the
    Official Gazette.

Objectives of the exit examination

The objective of the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE) is to
ensure that a candidate applying for registration as a pharmacist

with the State Pharmacy Council has undergone pharmacy education and a comprehensive
practical training program in Diploma in Pharmacy ( D.Pharm) Course as

provided in the Education Regulations, 1991 or the regulations that may be in
the force from time to time in an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of
India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

and acquired core competencies in dispensing of medicines and other areas of pharmacy practice
and to reinforce his discipline, integrity, judgment, skills, knowledge and
quest for learning so that after having passed the examination

he is able to become a registered pharmacist who is able to exercise his professional skills
in addition to carrying his duty and responsibilities professionally.


The details regarding the scheme for conducting the Diploma in Pharmacy
Exit Examination and the syllabus of the test shall be announced by the
Pharmacy Council of India from time to time for the information of the
The candidates may appear for the exit examination conducted
twice every year or as frequently as may be required as per the schedule of
examination announced by the Prescribed Authority.
The procedure of
conducting the test shall be in accordance with the scheme announced by the
Pharmacy Council of India in this regard.
The date of examination and the
examination center will be allotted to the candidate by the Prescribed
Authority based on the availability of the examination centers.


Registration as a Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination candidate

  1. No person shall be registered as a Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination
    candidate unless he has passed Diploma in Pharmacy course from an
    an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of
    the Pharmacy Act, 1948.
  2. He shall be required to make an application in a prescribed form together
    with all relevant documents showing the proof of his passing the approved
    examination and the examination fee as may be prescribed by the PCI.

 The procedure of conducting Exit Examination

  1. The PCI may, for the purposes of conducting exit examination, establish
    an authority to be known as the Prescribed Authority or designate an
    authority as the Prescribed Authority that shall conduct the examinations
    as may be decided by the PCI from time to time.
  2. . There shall be three papers of multiple-choice questions in Pharmaceutics,
    Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry,
    Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical jurisprudence and Drug
    Store Management.
  3. The language of the examination shall be English. The
    test for each paper shall be of three hours’ duration
  4. . A candidate shall be declared as having passed only if he obtains a
    minimum of 50% marks in each paper separately.
  5. A candidate shall have to pass all three papers in the same attempt.
    However, there shall be no restriction on the number of attempts to appear
    in the examination.
  6. A certificate of eligibility for enrolment and practice shall be issued to the
    the successful candidate which will be presented before the State Pharmacy
    Council for registration as a pharmacist.

Registration of the candidate as a pharmacist after passing Diploma in
Pharmacy Exit Examination.

After having passed the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination, a candidate
shall be entitled to registration as a pharmacist subject to fulfillment of the
conditions enumerated in section 32(2) of the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

The applications for registration shall be addressed to the Registrar of the State
Pharmacy Council and shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee and the
documents as referred to in section 46(2)(g) of the Act.

After coming into force of these regulations, the candidates who have
completed the approved course of Diploma in Pharmacy and having qualified
in the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination only will be eligible for
registration as pharmacists under section 33 of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

These regulations shall not apply to the persons whose names are already entered
in the register of pharmacists for the state.

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