how sugar affects skin and you look older

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how sugar affects skin and you look older

Here you can read about how sugar affects skin and you look older. now a day’s we all want look handsome or beautiful but due to our unhealthy diet and lifestyle we look older and we all want to avoid it. most of people using anti aging cream and moisturizer but you think is it really works. this are the preparation which may shows only temporary result but after you stop using it your skin again get slowly aging. and we cannot use it long time so if you are want look handsome or beautiful  then you should follow healthy diet.

how sugar affects skin and you look older
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how sugar affects skin?

how sugar affects skin and you look older
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molecules like proteins and fats are present in our body, when added or processed sugar attached to them they create harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs).and then AGEs interfere with collagen and elastin which are responsible for maintain our youthful appearance.

collagen is crucial for your skin structural support, while elastin is responsible for your skin flexibility. but in this case AGEs prevent efficient collagen repair, and elastin is affected, your skin elasticity is reduced.

You should do instead of using anti aging cream

-eat more fruits and vegetables

-do exercise and become a morning person

-eat fruits instead of processed sugar

Taking less sugar intake is good for you, but excessive intake have been linked to disease like diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. the American heart association recommends limiting daily added sugar intake to six teaspoons if you are a woman and nine teaspoons if you are a man.

fruits contain sugar in less quantity so if are craved for sweet then you should eat fruits instead of packed foods. most of people addicted to drink a tea thrice a day or more time and in certain condition body sugar level increased so taking tea for more time may also increase your sugar level and this may leads to affect your skin so drink a tea once a daily is enough.


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