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            INTERESTING FACTS   


               Hey guys, we came with the new topic “interesting facts” that you don’t know and we are sure you like it.this is all about our future technologies, new and old facts .watch it and please share this link to others.


1)Like every country,EARTH also have its Flag.

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2)Norway will allow any student from anywhere in the world to

study at their public universities completely free of charge.

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3)Researchers have successfully created impossible material “triangulene

This will be used to power your computers and mobile will charge

them in seconds and battery can last upto days. this will create  a revolution in technology.

                          IMPOSSIBLE IS NOW POSSIBLE!!

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   4)There are over 70 documented cases of transplanted patients experiencing 

the same thoughts  and feelings as their organ donors did in life .people report everything from

craving the donors ‘ favourite food’to inheriting their talents .Its posed a theory 

that the cells in our body can store memories.

interesting facts
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5)Burundanga tree is most powerful drug. After taking it once,

person will lose his self will and do anything they are told to.

it was used by CIA as TRUTH SERUM. It is legal but never used by any ADDICT.

There is no treatment  if you ever take it.

interesting facts

6)Glivac, A cancer DRUG That costs US$70,000 in the U.S. per year ,

cost just US$2,500 in INDIA because it can’t be patented there.

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7)An Artificially Intelligent Robot once told it’s creator it will keep humans “In a people Zoo

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 Facts are not done yet,

8)Google’s Quantum computer is 100 million times faster than yours laptop.

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9)An Australian doctor INVENTED a 3D printed euthanasia machine that helps people to end their lives painlessly. philip. Nitschke  aka Dr.Death created DEATH machine. He named “SARCO CAPSULE

(capsule uses liquid N2, which can be legally bought. The liquid nitrogen will start to flow once a person  takes a seat inside the machine,  the person feel to start disoriented within  2 minutes,  a feeling Dr. said  is comparable to having to many drinks. The person will then  lose consciousness  a few minutes later and die in about  5 minutes. the capsule also have emergency window in case person changes his mind.)

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10) “chocolate Cosmos” is a flower   that smells like chocolate.

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11)Scientist found a drug called tideglusib that can repair cavities by re-growing teeth.

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12)E.C. GEORGE Sudarshan is an INDIAN theoretical physicist from kerala. He is the first scientist in the world to disproved EINSTEIN’S  theory that nothing can travel faster than light he found a particle called TACHYON which can travel faster than light .he is well-known figure in the world, yet most of Indians don’t even know him.

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13)A Lychnobite is someone who sleeps all day and works all night.

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14)’MATHWAY.COM” solves all kinds of maths homework problems with step by step explanations.

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15)you know guyz if you cool HELIUM in very few degrees below its (BP)boiling point,

it will climb on walls and defy gravity.

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and so on goes……

16)scientist now created a new form of matter “TIME CRYSTALS”

.It is 4D matter and who forever in motion and also follows space time.

due to this our whole world going to change and we will know or solve What is time?

And how to control Time? 

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3 more facts to go

17)Daytime taking NAPS is good because it helps to improve your memory and also it cut the risk of heart.

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18)Our human brain remembers more Negative Memories than the Positive memories from our daily life.

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19)your EYEBROWS renew themselves in every 64 days averagely.

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20)Eating chocolate before studying and also by taking tastes of chocolates ,

can increase your chance of understanding the new information and passing exams with high grades.

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that’s it, for now, guys, hope you like it, again we will come with more interesting facts that you have to know about it. if you really like it then please share this link to your friends and let them know about this facts.




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