Hello, guys here we will cover the prescriptions chapter from the diploma in pharmacy the second year,

Here we will clear some important points with simple language so that easy to understand and score good marks in the exam. we will provide you all the important topics from the prescriptions chapter.


Reading and understanding prescriptions

PRESCRIPTION-A prescription is a written order, from a registered medical practitioner/physician /a dentist/(doctor) containing instructions like mode of administration/(intake) of the drug.

Parts of a prescription-

An ideal prescription contains the following parts.






A superscription is the first part of a prescription  in which

1.  it consists of name, qualification and address, sex  of the patient consists of physician name qualification and address for the identity of prescriber/doctor. helps to judge the time interval of drug administration. consists of the symbol Rx. R stands for the Latin word recipe meaning “take thou of”

all of the above points are essential in the prescription of superscription point.


This is the body of prescription contains official English names and the amount of each drug for intake

.first letter of a drug should be in the capital. if there are 2 or more drugs they should be in ideal order.

in this doses of drugs are also available for patients. doses should be in the metric system.


It contains direction for the pharmacist to tell them how drugs are made .like how many ingredients are should be used to make in proper portion e.g small quantity of drug for small kids it differs for adults.

In short in this contain procedure and quantity for making of capsules and tablets etc.


In this contain directions for the patient regarding uses of medicines. the directions should be simple complete and easy to understand by the patient. it also contains the signature of the doctor /prescriber/physician to take any narcotic drugs.

Occasionally this part is also called transcription.

the last part signature of the physician is necessary for completing the prescription.

here are some things should take care of while handling the prescription

Handling the prescription

While handling the prescription 1.never show carelessness hospital prescription should go in the right hand (who are a lot of experienced pharmacists)

3.prescription gives in three slips, one slip to the patient the second is attached to the prescription and the third is to the final container .this will ensure identification.

Latin terms used in prescriptions

The following Latin words are specific and limited cause these are important in exams, return in exams.

1.Aqua=                                           water

2.Ante=                                           before

3.Cibos=                                          before meal

4.Cohleare=                                    one table spoonful cibos=                                  after meal

6.Ante cibos=                                 before meal

7.Mitte=                                          send

8.semi hora=                                 half an hour

9.ex lacte=                                     with milk

10.hora somni=                           at bed time

11.pasta=                                       paste

12.pulvis=                                    a powder

13.charta=                                   a powder

14.mane=                                    in the morning

15.nocte=                                    at night

16.more dicto=                       as directed opus sit=                         when necessary

18.tussi urgente=                   when the cough is troublesome

19.oculis=                                for the eyes

20.lente=                                 slowly

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