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Schedule H1 Drug List


Schedule H1 Drug List will get you anywhere but why to read pharmamad.com(our) article, because we will let you know why exactly schedule h1 drugs list came into existence.so let’s start with the basic questions that come to our mind when we think about h1 drugs.

What are schedule h1 drugs?

schedule h1 drugs are the drugs that come under a rule. The rule says a pharmacist or druggist cannot sale such drugs without prescription of register medical practitioner (DOCTOR).

why we cannot sale such drugs?

to answer this question first we need to know what exactly happens with the patients.

in earlier days we used to sale antibiotics on the counter as casually nearly 2 to 3 tablets of antibiotics with pain killers, antipyretics, allergic drugs.

for the effect of antibiotics, they need a certain period of time with proper dose to take action on microorganisms for kill or inhibit them.

but due to lack of consumption of antibiotics, microorganisms increases their resistance to a particular so that’s why even on the intake of antibiotics later it does not work at all.

above theory included in the category of Antibiotics of schedule H1 drugs

so basically schedule h1 drugs divided into 3 major parts

and third is NRX DRUGS

TB DRUGS(tuberculosis)

TB DRUGS having a certain period of consumption or you can say a course.

that is three month, six months, nine months.

missing one dose is dangerous as well as double dose also can be lethal.



Nrx drugs include sleeping pills trika, anxit, containing alprazolam and other brain-related drugs.

if these drugs will provide without prescription they can be used for murders, theft, rape, etc.

this is all aboutĀ  Schedule H1 Drug List

we are providing this list of schedule h1 drugs



above pic is Schedule H1 Drug List

all of the above information is a short note as for your general knowledge if want in detailed let us know by comments or main on us on (pharmamad8899@gmail.com)

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