What Are the Actual Role of the Pharmacist in a Medical Store

What are the actual role of the pharmacist in a medical store


we all are familiar with a pharmacist role in all the aspects as per books and syllabus, but What are the actual role of the pharmacist in a medical store. the things are a little bit different in here Retail shop. the usual works we know that’s has to be done but as well a some of the duties are apart from the syllabus were nowhere explain such stuff.

This article will help you who are looking for a job after D Pharmacy/ B  pharmacy in the retail shop thinking about opening their own chemist shop in the future. or wanted to know/ seeking for What are the actual role of the pharmacist in a medical store

these duties are carried out in retail shops are can be known or get to experience by only practical when you actually come to the ground level of shops.

Especially, for me, as a registered pharmacist had to faces that I never expected, highlighting this thing because I’m an introvert and shops never meant for them we will cover this how I overcome my fears that thought I will never be able to do it in my whole life.


some of you might be thinking now I completed my diploma or degree I will be the superior,

Nothing will come after me I will be my own boss, yus you will be until you’re sitting in your own shop.

In the case of working under someone you a learner, the things like sweeping and to clean the medicines, removing specks of dust from syrup bottles.

this might be thinking cheap but it is your duty to keep the store clean and neat. so keep ready for it and it’s okay.

Another misconception might be like it’s easy to handle the store but remember, it’s not.

Roles of pharmacist in a retail shop

these roles are for all the staff members including pharmacist as well.


  • Opening and Closing

The shop opening and closing will under your control, so it’s your duty to open the chemist shop at a scheduled time.

  • FDA Compliance

This is the most important role you’ll have, the margin of the error in this task is zero.

Simply it’s about all FDA( Food and Drug Administration ) rules that you have to ensure to follow

it includes the

  1. The Register pharmacist has to be present in the shop
  2. All documents have to present like pharmacist license, Pharmacist PPP CARD, Food license, all drug license.
  3. H1 drugs maintenance files – you have to keep records of all scheduled drugs that have been sold throughout the days. Especially schedule h1 drugs includes NRx drugs, Tb drugs, and higher antibiotics. each has to be a separate file.
  4. Keeping records of all bills ( customer bills as well as purchased bills )
  5. Separate box naming “EXPIRY BOX not be sold”
  6. Separate box naming “DAMAGE PRODUCTS not be sold “
  7. Daily signatures on duplicate bills of sale


  • Stock Management

This is the task you have to follow daily with respect to sales and maintenance

Stock management is you will be not looking while fresher, while doing other things on start you will look into it.

the stocks have to manage manually or nowadays with Software it helps a lot. by observing software or by sometimes brain works automatically.

in this task need to check all stocks and look for the stocks or medicines that are to sold are short or not.

in the early days, the medicines that are needed or short in stock is written in a book called ” SHORT BOOK ”

this short book always kept on the counter, to write immediately the name of the drug which has to order.

ORDERING is a process you need to do while in a shop with the help of a short book.

the process will know as days passes, not a big deal.


  • Prescription Handling

Well, it’s obvious at shop level you’ll handle the prescription. it’s one of the main objectives of our pharmacist, handling prescriptions is one of the responsible duties.

you will get used to it after some time/ experience.

to know the detail about prescription, Checkout our article

How to read a doctor’s prescription?


  • Customer Handling

One of the tricky, personal development, enjoyable part,

Customer handling includes

  • communication with customers regarding their medicines, need to explain anything they will ask for.
  • Make a good relation with customers, try to bond with them
  • Handling the Arguments
  • Handling the error like a wrong medicine supply
  • If medicines are not available how you manipulate them or Persuade them.

this much customer interaction needed while on your counter so just imagine how will survive an introvert in it, that’s how I am able to grow and overcome my all fear and shyness by practicing all these activities and generated better communication.

  • Cash Handling

The error of margins is here also here low, keep track of where customers transact money while in a rush. double-check the money when you about to giving back the remaining money to the customers.

keep a sharp eye while transacting money.

  • Expiry Products

We have to keep tracking expiry products so the expiry medicines cannot be sold to the customers, we sort out all expiry products before three months of the original expiry date.

so, those are the duties of a pharmacist in a retail shop. and we hope like our article What are the actual role of the pharmacist in a medical store. if any queries related to this you can contact us by commenting or by mailing pharmamad8899@gmail.com

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