What If Humans Suddenly Disappeared

What If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

As we know due to global warming we humans are making big problems on this earth. are we really belongs to this earth ‘what if humans disappeared suddenly’ isn’t it interesting to know well I’m very curious to know about this let’s find out what if humans disappeared suddenly?

EARTH, Earth is the only planet in the universe where for living, to expand life all essential elements are available.to take care of these elements, resources humans play a very important role in it..but what if humans suddenly disappeared?

What If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

first, take look at what we did these past years on the earth,

  • we build marvelous buildings of glass concrete and many more elements available on the earth.

  • we are taking oil from the deep sea to regulate our life

  • we love animals so, we started to take care of them too we call them assets.

  • fishing is our most lovable hobby and we also used to eat fishes, so the demand for fishes is high.

  • we are cutting very rapidly trees for human needs, houses

  • we are one of the crucial animals on the earth, so we plated nuclear weapons for safety, war or whatever


here we will clear without humans what circumstances should have to face to the EARTH.

This is concluded by all theories and facts of scientists.

The Above points have been cleared because this kinda works done by humans and it will affect after disappeared of humans.


just after few hours, the absence of humans will be seen, and our earth will pass into the darkness. even some of the solar and thermal plants are still working but after 48 hours they will stop too because of the manual configuration to run.

human pets will lead to death starvation because the capability of finding their own food by themselves is killed by humans by giving easily available.


The animal in the zoo will be free because of starvation animals like lions, tigers will attack local like cows, dogs


there are 435 nuclear power plants are available all over the world this many powerplants created and handled by humans will stop working

TO cool nuclear power plants supply of water is essential but without human interference, it’s not possible so nuclear explosions are lead from time to time and millions of living plants and animals even fishes get in contact with radiation and Die.

due to the stoppage of the drainage system, roadside water dirty waters get mixed with rivers and seas so the environment gets polluted too much.



JUST after some years the manmade satellites falling from the sky it looks like an asteroid coming to the Earth. after 28years buildings towers will be cover by grass and trees, Everywhere trees will be grown it transformed into a forest.

DUBAI and LAS VEGAS which is in the desert will be transformed into their original form (sands).

the Eiffel tower-like irony objects will fall down all irons gets rusted and all bridges will fall..and humans existence will fully vanish without human sea level, purity will occur rapidly


The STATUE OF LIBERTY, TAJ MAHAL like objects will disappear


After all towns and countries of destruction GREAT WALL OF CHINA, PYRAMIDS, MOUNT RUSHMORE were staying as it is because of its structure and object (natural stones)

30 million years later after the vanishing of human-nonhuman objects, there will be a new life cycle that begins in that some scientists believe that after human aliens will control our EARTH and some scientists believed EARTH WILL BE NO MORE there will be no existence of  EARTH ANY MORE.


so these are the events to happen when humans disappeared suddenly.

there are too many incidents we can predict so these are some of the incidents so what you think of it and ask your friends “What If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?” MORE

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